UDA Makes A Major Announcement To The Government And Public.

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United Democratic Alliance which is associated with the deputy president William Ruto has today come out clearly following yesterday violence which took place in Kondele where deputy president William Ruto was forced to cut off his speech due to eruption of violence among angry youths.

According to the letter wrote by UDA Chairman Senetor Johnson Muthama, Kenya should take note of violence which is taking place in the country without government reacting on it.

According to UDA Chairman Senetor Johnson Muthama, the stoning of deputy president William Ruto yesterday is a clear reflection of 2022 general elections. Muthama added that Kenya Police and National Cohesion and Integration Commission should wake up and protect Kenyans from violations rather than ignoring everything.

Senetor Johnson Muthama blamed ODM party for organizing violence during deputy president William Ruto visit in Kondele. Johnson Muthama confidently told IEBC to cancel ODM party from participating in 2022 general elections.

UDA Chairman defended his presidential candidate deputy president William Ruto that he is a peaceful person who knows how to approach and interact with the people amicably. Muthama is encouraging IEBC, NCIC and Kenya Police to keenly monitor and implement any negative actions done by any political party.

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