DCI Reveals How Scammers Are Now Easily Stealing From Kenyans, Ladies Most Affected

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DCI has today sent a warning to Kenyans and especially the ladies who are highly targeted by scammers as the festive season nears to climax.

It has been established that as the country heads to the climax of the festive season, scammers are now targeting Kenyans, mostly ladies, on social media, pose as online business people only for them to go missing after one orders an item.

It has been established that Instagram is the most used social media where this vice is happening most.

DCI has noted that ladies have come out to file complaints after being scammed on social media

Aport from items not getting delivered, scammers are also delivering low-quality items not what they would have advertised on social media.

You have since been asked to beware of such scams before making any payment.

"Many Kenyans especially ladies shopping for trendy outfits and jewellery, have fallen victim and lost their money through such frauds. You are advised to be careful when making purchases online, by first ascertaining the identity of the seller and the address of their businesses," DCI said

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