Opinion: How Southwest Governors Can Curb Insecurity In The Region

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This article will give some opinions and ideas on what South West Governors should do to tackle insecurity in the region.

1. Employ More Amotekun Operatives:

The first thing is to increase the number of Amotekun operatives, there is no lie to the fact that the security network have been working around the clock to ensure the safety of people living in the Southwest.

However, it is high time governors of South west extraction add to the number of Amotekun corps in order for them to be more efficient.

2. Make Use Of Technology:

Another thing is for the Southwest Governors to make sure there is an increase in the use of technology to gather intelligence reports. Intelligence reports will not only make security operatives find out those who commit evil acts, it will also help them to stop the bad event from happening at all.

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