Condoms Shortage Hits Naivasha As Number Of Sex Workers Continue To Increase In The Town

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As the number of sex workers in the town continues to rise, a condom shortage affects Naivasha.

As the safari rally begins, Naivasha is experiencing a condom shortage. Sex workers have increased in number, according to the WRC.

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Over the weekend, a large number of people will visit Naivasha to enjoy themselves and watch the safari rally competition.

The cash that the nation will primarily receive from foreign tourists will also help it. They will also make significant profits from the big number of local tourists who are anticipated to attend the event.

Image used with permission and solely for illustration.

Everyone is advised to exercise caution when at Naivasha because failure to do so will result in many tragedies later in life. The Ministry of Health is making every effort to inform the public about the value of using condoms and the dangers of not doing so. This follows rumors about the type of behavior young people exhibit when they attend these activities. Please leave your comments below and don't forget to share what you think.


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