Another Radio presenter was fired after working for 8 days, here is what happened

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Photo: Vele Manenje

Limpopo based Radio Phalaphala FM has reported to have fired their new employee after numerous company from the listeners. Vele Manenje who is basically from Venda was expelled after she started working in Just 8 days.

The management have also revealed that Vele who was hosting the morning breakfast program wasn't satisfying their listeners. Her ways of presenting were not what the listeners wanted.

Here are some comments about the story

@Thackzo: If you talking about phalaphala for that I know then you lying. That can never be the reason.we have complained a lot about such things but nothing happened.

@Collen: I believe it was unfair from the Managers to fire Manenje after 8 days, but she will come back strong most of us celebrities has been in a similar situation.

@Zee: Why did they give her the breakfast show? They should have started her on some midnight show that no one listens to. They wouldn’t have had any complaints and Vele would still have a job.


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