Congratulations to Mashirima Kapombe And Captain Otoyo's Son


Citizen tv news anchor Mashirima Kapombe is a proud mother m, she is blessed with a handsome boy whonis also the son to comedian captain Otoyo.

The two had tried to keep their relationship a secret in 2014, the comedian, who is also a radio presenter with Milele FM, opened up about their relationship when he shared her photo on Facebook, saying: “A friend of my heart.” Two years later, their affair reportedly hit rock bottom when their son was so little.

On the recent post that Mashirima has shared on her social media page, she went on and shared his picture and his classmates as he gratuates from kindergarten to go to lower primary and congratulate him saying that the feeling is so amazing, now she understand how parents always feel. As she was all smiles.

Many of her fans were happy for her and her son. Check out some of the comments.


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