'Omosh Ashikwe Apelekwe Rehab Na Force For I See Suicide Coming From Far' Tahidi High Actor Says


Asking for help is not a crime. But in doing so, let us have limits and dignity. We should make the best of each opportunity brought to us and ensure we better ourselves. Omosh has continued to be on the lime light for once again asking for the help of Kenyans claiming that he used all the money he had to pay for the huge debts he had.

Kelvin Onyiso, aka Eddy, who was also an actor of Tahidi high says that Omosh needs to be taken to a rehab. He claims that stopped picking his calls after Kenyans came out to help him. Onyiso said the story had painted a bad image of Tahidi High form

According to Kelvin, there was someone from Nacada who was willing to help Omosh. This is because after he received help, he came back to say that he does not even have a shilling to buy cigarette.

This is why it is important that Omosh goes to rehab because chances are that he might even sell the house he was built for after he claimed that the house is far away and in a rural place.

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