Throwback: Interesting times when Kumawood actors decided to behave like women.


The Ghana movie industry has been a major source of entertainment for Ghanaians along these years. I am very glad that it has got many talents being displayed and it's still in the business of recruiting and polishing young talents into the industry.

In this article I'm going to talk about five different times when the Kumawood males decided to wow their followers by posing as women.

Nowadays, women empowerment has been the talk in town, most people are preaching it out there and are expecting women to be treated with the respect given to men.

Well, I agree to that movement. Even though women can never be like men but that doesn't allow us to underestimate them. These Kumawood males decided to become women temporarily and it turned out going viral.

Some of them posed as women just to promote their content, others did so to honor women for their love and care towards the world. It doesn't matter the reason why they did that, I think what we should look at is they standing for women and showing that women empowerment is going to take the world far.

Let us go straight to the pictures I compiled

1. Kwadwo Nkansah

He is arguably one of the most decorated actors in the past 10 years. Talk about comedy, he will get you rolling on the floor with his words and acts. Well, in this picture below we could see him in the usual Ghanaian "kaba" and slit. I do not know the reason why he decided to dress like a woman in this picture but I think it is very nice.

2. Don Little

This guy after announcing himself to the Ghanaians has never disappointed with his craft. He has moved mountains with the lovely ideas he pulls out on set, yeah his acts are way mightier than his body.

Looking at the picture below, he decided to go a full woman. He got a wig on and applied some nice makeup which would make him look beautiful. You just take a look at his eyebrows and lips. They had even given him something to make his chest bulky, this is funny.

3. Akrobeto

This picture was taken from a video of this veteran Ghanaian actor during the past mother's day. This guy is incredible and he wore those clothes to show love and support for women worldwide during the real news on United Television. He was just preaching a simple message out there, women are incredible they deserve a lot of respect.

4. Oteele

This picture circulated a long time ago and I thought adding it was very important because he was seen portraying what women do. Who breastfeeds babies? It is certainly going to be women but this veteran actor decided to switch responsibilities at this moment.

5. Ras Nene

He is the last guy on the list. Ghana had seen him always playing action roles but the past year got him announcing to us that there are many sides to him. He is arguably one of the finest comedians at the moment and in this picture below, he had applied makeup on his face and has gone in for a colorful wig.

I am glad you took time to read this article to this part. Before I end it all, there is one question I want to ask you all, which of these actors do you think nailed it?