Who Is Laughing Now And Who Will Laugh Last? Politicians Hunt For Mt. Kenya Votes


Many believe that that the person who will laugh last will always laugh best. This is what is going on in the vote hunting process from the Mt. Kenya voting bloc. Politicians who are aiming at the top seat have been putting their focus on the whole Mt. Kenya region for support.

The deputy president William Ruto has been visiting the region and consolidating with the region since he took office for the second term. Recently the ODM leader Raila Odinga has also been expressing interest in the region following the delegations he has been hosting from the region.

Majority of the he political analysts claim that as things are currently the deputy president may be the one laughing now since he seems to enjoy quit a high support from the region compared to his competitors. The big issue is whether he will mantain his influence to the end, midst the political waves.

This comes at the time the Ruto allies from the region are holding the final meeting in Maasai Mara to draw some of the demands they want the DP Ruto to address in case he still wants their support.

It was alleged that some of the demands included the second in command to come from the region.

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