"See The Evil My Girlfriend Did To Me, Because Of This"- Man Narrates

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Yandisha, a South African user, took to Twitter to recount his tragic ordeal after his girlfriend gruesomely inflicted evil on him after he insisted that they separate. The young man posted his story on social media yesterday, and it has sparked a lot of pathetic emotions, with several of his peers and followers urging him to sue and have her jailed.

His girlfriend, he claims, discovered a way into his home. When he was in his fitness area, she entered with faith and she had no one to deter her. After she entered, she quickly ran to the kitchen and heated the hot water she planned to dump on him, and when he returned from the gym to his room, she went to reheat the water. He was oblivious to the fact that his girlfriend was plotting bad with the hot water; what he knew was that the hot water was for a cup of coffee.

So, as soon as he sat down, a fight arose, which was a continuation of the discussion they had the day before. In his frustration, he instructed her to do whatever she wished because he is tired of them being together and did not want it to happen between them again. He forced her away and begged her to listen, but she resisted and began talking back at him, going for the kettle of boiling water and dumping it on his body. In an effort to settle her down, he pushed her away and begged her to listen, but she took a knife and stabbed him in the belly.

As if that wasn't enough, she took his house key, stormed out, and trapped him inside, claiming she wished to see him dead. With God's help, he was able to contact the house manager, and after the message, he was hurried to the hospital for care.

Learn the remainder of his tale here.


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