S/R: Fulanis Educated On Crime And Illicit Drugs

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Fulanis have been educated on child marriage, illicit drugs and crime among others at Buipe in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region.

In an exclusive interview with Mr Musah Yakubu who is the national secretary of Talutal Kulal international he said Fulani youth who were drawn across Ghana to this year’s Fulani Music World Wide were educated on illicit drugs, child marriage, crime and child labour through music and entertainment.

Speaking at event, Mr Yakubu Musah touted the contributions of Fulanis towards the development of Ghana before and after independence.

However, he bemoaned some activities of the youth contrary to the procedures laid down by their forebears because of the influence of illicit drugs.

Mr. Musah also advised them to eschew drugs as they push them into crimes that tarnish their image.

Ahmed Barry, CEO of Barry Music World-wide, the Organisers of the program disclosed that it was difficult to get the youth to gather for such lectures hence their choice for a musical performance.

The youth were thrilled to many performances from Fulani musicians from the Sub Sahara region including Baba Sadjio from Cameroun and Sadon Kodda from Burkina Faso.

The Burkinabe artiste Sadon Kodda commended Ghanaians for their hospitality and was optismitic of his stay in Ghana.

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