How Ruto's Tangatanga is Allegedly Dishing Out Money To Have Mammoth Crowds at Their Rallies[VIDEO]

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This is just HUMILIATION. Lining up to receive Ksh50 Bob to attend a rally and shout your lungs out. Tangatanga are destroying our politics.

This is not what reforms and 21st century politics should look like. This is YK92 and Moi era politics. Sadly, Kenyans won't see, till 2024.

A video has been going round showing people lining to get money to attend the DP rallies.The Tangatanga movement have been termed as having behemoth crowds during the DP's meetings allover the country.

The truth has now come out and it is so belittling and shameful for a political party that claims to have numbers act in a demeaning manor.

The DP has been boasting of mammoth crowds in his rallies painting the country in a misleading way that people love him in his presidential bid."It only seems as if the plan is to give out money to the ordinary people. That doesn't sound like a good economic idea or plan," says historian Ngala Chome

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