Why Oscar Sudi's Education Became Questionable Until He Was Found Not To Have Sat For KCSE

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The question of Oscar Sudi's schooling has left many surprised with how he really got into parliament.

Oscar Sudi never contributes to any motion in Parliament but spits rubbish on social media until people started questioning if he has ever been to School. It has Turned out he did not sit KCSE at the school in 2006 as he alleges. Former principal of Highway Secondary School tells Court.

The former principle of High School Patrick Maritim confirmed earlier testimony testimony of an official from the Kenya National Examinations Council who said Kapseret Mp did not register nor sit for the 2006 KCSE examination at Highway secondary school.

Sudi's situation of not speaking in the parliament has gone to an extent of fellow member of parliament Junet Mohammed to jokingly request for Oscar Sudi to use sign language if it was hard for him to use either English Or Kiswahili.This found humourous since we have never seen an Mp not knowing how to speak neither kiswahili nor English.

Junet added some humour saying that Oscar can even be allowed to have someone to interpret for him so that he can use mother tongue.


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