"Vifaranga Vya Kompyuta" Popular ODM Blogger Reacts to Latest Official Results From Juja


The latest official results from Juja Constituency tallying center is that George Koimburi will take the day. The Moses Kuria People Empowerment Part, PEP, is winning the by-elections in a landslide after the seat was left vacant by the death of Francis Wakapee.

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The official results are that George Koimburi has 10,325 votes out of the total cast, making him the first. Susan Waititu of Jubilee, the wife of the late Member of Parliament, 4,953 out of the total cast.

Picture courtesy. George Koimburi.

Popular ODM blogger, Robert Alai has reacted to the news of the latest results with a pinch of salt. Robert Alai claims that the results are cooked, using a term which Orange Democratic Movement, ODM party coined a few years ago.

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As it stands, George Koimburi of PEP will be the winner of the by-elections with a landslide victory. This will cement Moses Kuria's hold of the central region ahead of the 2022 polls and Uhuru Succession politics.

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