"Sasa Mambo Iko Sawa" Kenyan's Know Are Happy After CS Peter Munya Makes Announcement On Prices Of U

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Kenyans have been suffering as a result of the country's high flour prices. Photo credit: Munya, Peter. A two-kilo packet of Unga is currently being sold for 210 shillings in various outlets across the country.

That price has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans, particularly those in the legal class who cannot afford a luxurious lifestyle. For the time being, some people have chosen to focus on other meals. 

According to the latest reports, Kenyans can at least smile after Cabinet Secretary Hounerable Peter Munya's directives. According to Munya, all imports of maize and related commodities will be exempt from importation tax.

This indicates that they will be moving in freely, and that the price of the floor may finally begin to fall next. Kenyans have been suffering for about one month, crying out to the government to reduce the price of flour.

Today, C's Peter Munya announces to the nation of Kenya that prices of unga will decrease on the first of next month.

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