"Nairobi Is My Stronghold, Don't Mess Around" Raila Breaks Silence Over Chaotic DP Ruto Rallies

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The former prime minister Raila Amollo Odinga has finally broken his long silence over the chaotic DP Ruto rallies in Jacaranda Nairobi.

According to the statement by Raila Odinga, he stated that the Nairobi county is his bedroom as he indicated that he will gather huge number of votes in Nairobi despite DP Ruto claiming that Nairobi is under UDA party.

According to the former prime minister Raila Odinga, he added that the chaos witnessed in most of the DP Ruto rallies in Nairobi were planned by the DP himself so that he can remain relevant ahead of August polls.

In addition to that, Mr Odinga added that the DP Ruto is out of agenda and usually uses his name in most occasions to spearhead for his self interest.

Mr Odinga added that the Nairobi county is still his vote rich region region as he warn the DP Ruto against using petty politics by organizing chaos to shift the attention that he has list support from the county.

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