"I'm Here To Stay" Diana Bahati's Sister Comes Back To Social Media, Blames Kenyans For Trolling Her

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Diana Bahati a famous YouTuber, yesterday launched her sister Val. Val was always seen in the Bahati's reality show and later on left. Val explained why she left and even got out of social media for sometime .She blames Kenyans for trolling her in the social media.

Val was the make up artist for Diana Bahati in the reality show. Diana Bahati's sister said she is back for good and she is ready for anything in social media.

"I'm back for good,I have come with a tough skin and I'm ready for anything,"Val said.

Although Diana Marua says that Val did not leave because of being trolled ,she said that she left because she found love.

Val is pregnant for her second baby, Diana said that her sister Val has a baby boy who is 8years old called Jeremy. Diana Bahati's sister is counting weeks to give birth.

Diana Bahati also said that she still wants two more babies ,a baby sister for Heaven and a baby brother for Majesty.

"I have to give a baby sister to Heaven and a baby brother to Majesty, because that is what they want.,"Diana Marua said.

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