Meet the footballer who proved that hard-work can beat talent

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As the saying goes had work pays it is a proof in our daily lives that it can actually pay.Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the richest and most decorated football icons that football has ever had and he is a true example of how hardwork has paid

Cristiano Ronaldo famously known as the goal machine joined the red devils as a youngster at the age of 17 years of age . Cristiano put in alot of effort in his career and always wanted to be on top form of his career . Playing alongside great players Cristiano put alot of effort and in his first season at the red devils side he was the best footballer in the whole world.

Team mates could record that he could stay at the training ground so that he could practice for more time to improve on his skills .18 years down the line he has been an absolute favorite for the fans as they will stand up and cheer whenever he has the Cristiano has put alot of hard work and dedication and this has seen him through so far in his incredible careers.

Along with his wife Georgina Rodriguez ,he always says that having a good wife is like printing your own money and that she encourage the goal machine what ever he wants to do and push him to great heights is such an amazing thing.Cristiano Ronaldo has proved that hardwork actually pays

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