Meet The Bench Player Who Caused a Penalty Whiles Warming Up


A match between Hosltien and VfL Bochum in the Germany Bundesliga 2 produced an amazing event when a penalty was awarded to VfL Bochum getting to the end of the first half.

The home team, Holstein Kiel had its substitute players warming up behind the goal post of their goalkeeper instead of the usual place for warming up.

Eberwein, 23 year old new signing was warming up to make his debut for Holstein Kiel stop a ball for his team to take a quick play.

But the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) promoted the Referee to look at the action of the 23 year old new signing.

After consulting the VAR, Referee Timo Gerach awarded penalty to the visitors and gave yellow card to Eberwein. In fact it was a scary moment for the player.

According to the rules of International FA Board, if a substitute interferes with play on the field rather than the off field, the match officials can take appropriate disciplinary action which can either be a Penalty or direct free-kick.

The Coach of Holstein Kiel showed his support to Eberwein by bringing him on to make his debut in the second half. They proceeded to win the match 2-1 against the visitors thanks to a 52nd minute goal from Janni Luca Serra but the biggest talking point was certainly this outrageous penalty decision.

Do you think Ghanaians or Africans will allow a Referee to award this kind of penalty?

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