Freddie wants to sell copper for Rori. Gloria should watch her appliances

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Freddie wants to sell copper for Rori so that he can make her dreams to come true. Lilly Juice wants another money on top of what Rori paid for, Platinum package. They were very concerned of where they will get the money from. Rori told Freddie to ask for money from Dintle and he told her told he won't be able to do that.

Rori said that she might as well forget about being a presenter.

Freddie came up with an idea because he only wants to make Rori happy. He told her that if they find copper in the house and take it to Uthuli Waste they will be able to produce the money that Lilly Juice wanted.

It all seems too good to be true. Lilly Juice might just want to scam Rori and run away but if that is her plan then she will be in trouble with Dintle because Freddie is her uncle.


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