The Photos Of One Rasta Student And His Family At The Achimota School Trends Online


Following the recent court rulings, some photos of one of the Rasta student who was denied admission at the Achomota school has been circulated online.

In a post-sighted online, one of the Rasta students called, Oheneba Nkrabea, and his family are at administration waiting to complete admission processes.

Check out some of the photos below

Just a few days ago, the Rastafarians won the court case against the Achimota school with an issue regarding their hairstyle.

The court has since instructed the Achimota School to admit the student as the final judgment in favor of the rasta community.

The Attorney General, Mr. Godfred Yeboah Dame has also ordered the school to admit the students.

However, the board of directors at the Achimota school seems not to be satisfied with the court ruling and have since filed an appeal.

A new statement released by the board has indicated that they have withdrawn the application to file for an appeal