DCI Set to Investigate Cop Who Allegedly Caused Accident After Failing to Get Bribe From Motorist

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In case you missed it: a cop is under investigation after mission to solicit bribe from an innocent motorist turned futile.

A Traffic officer based in Bomet County has attracted the attention of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and the media in equal measures after a road user blew the whistle on allegations of intimidation.

A key witness who spoke to media personalities claimed that as they passed along, they were flagged down by the cops situated on the highway. The driver alighted and crossed the road and was seen chatting with the cop in the company of his other two colleagues.

The passengers, who were then on the Toyota Succeed learnt from them that a day earlier, their driver had subverted the rule of the law by writing off an order to slow down his machine.

The vehicle of the subject risked being ferried to a nearby police station and the “fugitive” risked facing charges related to the above act.

Later, passengers were order to alight but they were reluctant. One of the cops took the driver’s seat, snatched the keys from the driver and ignited the engine.

He lost control as the vehicle gained momentum, it hit a ditch by the road side, one of the front doors went open and an elderly woman seated adjacent to the driver’s seat was forced out the vehicle.

The rear wheel ran over her, she yelled and that marked the start of his trouble.

One of the officers offered his vehicle to ferry the woman to the nearest health center.

The indecent act was fueled by a suspected failed attempt to seek bribe from the motorist.

Detectives have launched investigations into the matter.

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