Battered Economy: An Owner of a Tourist Vehicle Worth Millions Spotted Hawking Using The Pricey Car


Ever since the coronavirus pandemic struck in Kenya, different sectors of the economy were badly affected. The tourism industry is among the sectors that were dealt a heavy blow due to travel restrictions and the closure of hotels.

The Kenyan tourism industry has almost come to a halt after different countries across the globe especially in the UK and US imposed tough restrictions on international travel, thus locking out thousands of tourists who flock to the country.

Those who had invested in the tourism sector are now forced to come up with other ways of earning livelihoods using their tour vans. A concerned Kenyan by the name Phixx Tonito has shared photos of a tour van worth millions of shillings that was spotted being used to hawk all manner of farm produce by the roadside.

Most tour vans have been grounded while others have been auctioned due to tough economic times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the tourism industry was a very lucrative sector.

But at the moment, investors in the industry are counting heavy losses. See the photos below that speaks volumes.