Just Happened: Driver Of BMW Dies On The Spot After Head On Collision With Bus (Photos)

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The BMW that was involved in the nasty road accident (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)

Drivers and owners of speed vehicles have always caused havoc on busy highways with how they overtake and overspeed.

A BMW driver has lost his life this afternoon as he tried to overtake two trailers which ended tragic as he collided with a bus.

According to Sikika Road Safety news podcast, the driver who had cans of alcohol in the vehicle was speeding and tried to overtake two trailers at one time which got him ram into Mash Poa bus killing him on the scene.

"Sad news just in happening now😭

The BMW was overtaking 2 trailers and ended up ramming on the bus head-on just past Maungu..... Unfortunately the driver has died on the spot 😭.... Drivers why are you not learning after all the efforts we are doing to educate you 🤷?" The reports stated.

Take a look at some photos from the grisly road accident:

May he rest in peace, speed always kills.

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