Karma located Dineo Ranaka as she is suspended for dancing on office furniture for clout

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Karma located Dineo Ranaka as she is suspended for dancing on office furniture for clout

While you're here, please follow me.

Dineo Ranaka trended for her Umlando Challenge. She did not trend because she was good, she trended because she was terrible. It becomes worse because her employer, Metro FM, has fired her for vandalizing office furniture just to participate in the challenge. Had she done a better job, I feel that she would be consoled by the fact that she did a great job.

The news were brought to the TL by Musa Khawula who makes sure to drop files when they are still hot.

Metro FM is said to have suspended Dineo Ranaka due to misconduct. This comes after she filmed herself dancing on top of office furniture at the SABC studios for #UmlandoChallenge @khawula_musa

Dineo was not supposed to dance on office furniture. This is a challenge you are supposed to do at home, not at work on furniture that is used by other people. Her actions were disrespectful both to the people she works with and her employer. As much as some people are feeling sorry for her, I think that this is karma dealing with her. A few weeks ago, she insulted a man who was familiar with her and if that was not enough, she refused to pay a lady who had done work for her and gave her a run around instead. To top it all off, on a recent episode of her family reality show- the Ranaka's- she told her mother to shut up because she doesn't understand anything about having children with different fathers.

The karma that located her is mainly from the lady she refused to pay. Dineo is condescending and instead of owning it, she hides behind being real and without filters. She probably has better things but should be a humbling experience for her, even if it's just a tiny bit.

Thoughts? Was her employer unfair for suspending her for doing Umlando Challenge on office furniture?

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Source: https://twitter.com/khawula_musa/status/1483667713666994178?t=ekBQhNYlNJQ_5Gnoo90XZA&s=19

Source: metro FM

January 19, 2022

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