Reason why I cannot have a boyfriend while on throne was reveal by female regent Tinuade Babalola

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We are going to reveal news about a female regent of iborapa Akoko part of Ondo state in this article.

Regent Tinuade was made a regent in 2015, shortly after her father Oba Emmanuel Ayowole Adejuyigbe, passed on. She had to go through some traditional rites of passage before she was pronounced a regent she has caused her some of her rights to do some things outside her wishes like the one we are about to say now.

The regent of iborapa Akoko in Akoko Northeast area of Ondo State, Tinuade Babalola has revealed one of the things her position deprives her of.

During a conversation session on her instagram page, one of her follower asked her about her boyfriend or her husband if she has one while on the throne, but she replied saying she is not allowed to have boyfriend or husband as her position demands the remains celibate all through.

I will love to ask this question ,what do you think she can do right now?

please drop your comment below thanks.

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