Masechaba who once said she was raped by her father when she was 9 says Jub-Jub took her virginity

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Masechaba who once said she was raped by her father when she was 9 now says Jub Jub took her virginity. SEE HERE>

If this lady is lying against Jub-Jub considering her position in the politics, this may be a very big blow for her. It may not end well for her, I don't know what would be the reason for her to be lying against him, but since they once dated, you know how ladies can move from love to hate, or from a hate to love. They can easily cross that line.

Your best friend in the next minute can be your waste enemy, that's how ladies are. So as someone is commenting that, "if she needs love back, she should just go and ask him nicely, without joining the panel of the people that were sexually abused by him.

People will need to understand, she didn't say she was rapped by her father, she said she was sexual molested for 3 days. So I take it as sexual molestation might not be penetration. It aybe something else, but then when she say for 3 days, it shows that there was a rape of some sort that happened between her and her biological father.

We only praying that the law may get to the bottom of this, investigations should be made to see whether all the allegations against our beloved Jub-Jub are true or not, because I believe that this is not just affecting the victims, but it is also affecting him, and also affecting him and defense I mean those the people that follows him, the people that were looking up to him. The people that were admiring how the prison has rehabilitated him, only to find out that he might be going back there soon, it is very heartbreaking. Let's wait and see. At the end of the day, let justice be served, either in favour of Jub-Jub or in favour of the victims, as long as it is justice.

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