Why Ghanaians must rally behind Dede Ayew


It is sad to see the captain of Ghana play for a lower league tier in the English Championship. The player who has played for Olympique Marseille, West Ham is now playing for Swansea City in the Championship.

The Championship league is made of 24 teams of which the first and second-team have automatic qualification into the English Premier League.

Norwich City and Watford have already qualified with two matches to go. Norwich has 93 points while Watford has 88 points.

The next team to qualify will have to play in a playoff organised between the fourth-placed team to the eighth-placed team.

Dede Ayew's Swansea lies 5th on the table with 77 points. The Captain has led his team to secure a spot in the playoffs.

The playoffs will be between last year's disappointed team Brentford, then AFC Bournemouth, Dede's Swansea City and Barnsley.

The Captain of Ghana is just a playoff away from playing in a top-flight league.

Every Ghanaian needs to rally behind the captain for a qualification that will brighten their countenance.

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