3 proofs your friend is chasing your girlfriend.


3 proofs your friend is chasing your girlfriend.

Dating a lady who is a friend of your friends is so risky. You will just end up being heartbroken for no good reason. Your friend will just walk away with your girlfriend and he won't say sorry for it.

You will not only loose a girlfriend, but also will you loose a friend. So keep away your girlfriend from your friends, especially when she is also your friends friend.

I know you don't believe me when i say this but just know am talking out of experience. Below i give you three proofs that will help you know whether one of your friends is chasing your girlfriend.

1. He begins talking ill of you in front of her.

A honest friend will never talk ill of you in front of others, especially your girlfriend. He will keep every secret for himself especially when that secret can affect the relationship you have with your girlfriend.

So if he begins to talk ill of you in front of her, he is just doing it to make your girlfriend think twice about you and so you should be very careful. If you begin to see this sign, act immediately and take your girlfriend away from him.

2. He starts correcting your mistake in front of her.

In this case your friend will asking you questions about how you are doing things. He might look at the way you are dressed and say your dressing mode isn't right or even say your clothes don't fit you well.

He might also say you talk too much or even call you a joker where necessary. So if you see him doing this in front of your girlfriend, just take her away from him and make sure they never see each other for a friendship reason.

3. He will start questioning your decisions.

We men make decisions in life which some may be wrong. But if you do something that was so difficult to decide, it means that was the only choice you had.

Now it is obvious that you sometimes include your friends in decision making especially when it is a very hard situation. So you happened to include this your friend who behind your knowledge is chasing your girlfriend, its obvious your girlfriend knows about this thing that is bothering you and you can't make a quick decision.

Your friend will decide not to help you in decision making, and when you go ahead and make the decision alone, he will be the first person to judge that decision and he will do it in front of your girlfriend. So if you notice this, make her stay away from him.

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