Check out some reasons why Ghana is not Self Reliant


My article for today is about reasons why Ghana is not Self Reliant.

A country is said to be self Reliant when it does not depend on other countries or international organization for her basic needs. Self Reliance requires that the country learn to produce her basic needs by making good use of her productive resources.

For example, countries like China, Malaysia, Japan etc have over the years improved on their production, distribution and wealth creation. They grow what they eat and eat what they grow.

Ghana celebrated her 64th years of Independence recently ,yet the country depends heavily on other countries for support and assistance. We're not Self Reliant ( sufficient) in many sectors of our country or our economy.

This is because of the following reasons:

1. Lack of national priority.

2. Our love for foreign things than those in Ghana.

3. Over Reliance on foreign countries and institutions

4. Over dependence on primary production.

5. Low savings and capital.

6. Inadequate and untapped resources.

7. Inadequate manufacturing industries

The above mentioned points are some reasons why Ghana is still not Self Reliant. Therefore, we must improve very well to produce our basic needs to be self Reliant as well.

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