BIG BROTHER: I am not saying much but guys please hear me out

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Manana is intrigued by the two contestants, so she made a tweet about them, and it is only a few days later, and viewers of the show are having good moments with a prediction. It is a normal occurrence for contestants to participate in the show and come back as a couple.


Manana has already made her prediction, and it is still early at the moment. They are having a good time, and they are not in a rush to find a partner. The two individuals on a prediction have been trending since the first day, in particular the lady, because they recognise her from Twitter and she is from Pretoria.


More interesting moments have been highlighted by viewers by far, and it is a show that many people have been waiting to see for a long time. Solphenduka was surprised by the number of people competing in this year's season, as he expected more.

Their is a hashtag on Twitter that is about her team name, which means they are supporting her to win the show. They are hoping to see her win the millions at the end, but it can not be all of them. It is still going to get more tense, and a victory moment is on the way.



1. Mandisa: Nale is beautiful.

2. Nathi: I wonder who wants who here? It can be they are wearing matching outfits. One of them is sending signals.

2. Thato: The guy is saying is it liking to with anyone.

3. Manana: He said, "I am saying it won't happen but I will not try to." This is big for the brother's house.

4. Zandile: They are both from Pretoria.


It is not known, but with more people hoping that Nale will come out victorious, it is good for the media support. If she does not win, it will be a bad moment for them all, because she is having a good chance. It is not for everyone, and only those who qualify to watch the show will. Good luck to everyone on the show.

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