Use Cassava Leaves to Treat the Following Ailments

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Cassava has alot of Calories and nutrients in the body and also it's leaves are more beneficial to our healthy. The cassava leaves has vitamins,proteins,minerals and essential amino acids. The proteins in the cassava leaves helps to form body cells . The Amino acids helps to recover the wounds and bone health.

Cassava leaves to treat headache and fever. The leaves are to be boiled and left to coo down and drink on cup of it to relieve the headache. Drink until the pain is gone.

Cassava leaves to treat Arthritis. The leaves are to be boiled and add ginger and lemon grass. This juice of cassava leaves will be taken in the morning and evening meaning twice a day. Take a cup of it to treat Arthritis.

Cassava leaves to treat Ringwood. Boil the cassava leaves and the bark of the cassava then filter the juice drink a cup just once. It will destroy the worms in the stomach leaving you healthy.

Cassava leaves to treat rheumatoids. It has magnesium which can help to lower the blood pressure and prevent the risks of rheumatic diseases. Boil the cassava leaves, add ginger and lemon grass. Drink a cup of it daily to prevent the rheumatic diseases.

Cassava leaves to treat Wounds. It has amino acids that helps to heal the injuries fast. Crush the cassava leaves and add Aloe Vera gel to make a paste and apply on the woundto heal.

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