Man Expose illegal Shops where Nigerians Sell Phones Mugged from People.

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Larger percentage of South African population are getting more aware of their immediate environment. This is due to the higher number of crime happening across our different cities targeted against the well being of South African citizens.

One significant thing about crime happening in South Africa is the fact that it is often carried out by illegal immigrants scattered all over our neighborhoods.

In an emerging report, a South African man known as Mbongeni on Twitter has beckoned on South African police to come to their aid in taxi rank.

He said that Nigerians are scattered all over the streets in taxi rank, setting up illegal shops where they sell phones purchased from individuals who mug people's phones in the city.

According to Mbongeni's statement on Twitter:

"Please go to bree taxi rank, there are those Nigerians on every corner with illegal shops selling phones that they buy from those who mug people in the city."

We hope that the South African security operatives will look into the activities of these persons doing business within taxi rank to ensure that they are certified to do so.

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