Hard To Believe| This is How Old Shona Ferguson Is in 2021

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Date: 18/03/21



It can be agreed upon that South Africa has a lot of good male actors, they are the eye candy that keeps the women glued to the screens every night as they o what they do best. The lust of these actors can be endless, the country just lost a fellow great male actor last week. Mendzi Ngubani was one of those actors that killed every role on TV, at one point he crossed paths with another great male actor, Shona Ferguson.

Shona is the ultimate TV crush for South African women, besides his great looks and physic, his captivating acting has kept SA glued to their screens on TV shows like the queen. He is again known for his marriage with Connie Ferguson. He has been on the TV screens for such a long time people do not know how old he is, he has the look of a very healthy young man but in fact, he is a bit older than he looks.

Shona Ferguson really name is Aaron Ferguson, he is originally born in Botswana. He was born on the 30th of April 1972, which makes him just 1 year away from the big 50 in 2021. Many people cannot believe that such a healthy-looking young man is that old, well that is the product of taking care of yourself every single day. He and his wife are gym fanatics, they go to the gym almost every day to makes sure that the age gracefully and look like they have found the fountain of youth. His wife has also been told to look way younger than she actually is.

When asked how he makes sure he looks so young at 49, he says that a balanced lifestyle is necessary. According to him, one must not deprive themselves of sleep because if a person doesn't sleep enough hours, their body gets tired, and they age faster. Another secret that everyone hates to gear is that he and his wife do not drink alcohol, this is the ultimate secret to their youth. Alcohol is proven to be responsible for making people age way faster than they should in the first place.

What most South Africans can learn from the Ferguson couple is that a healthy and balanced lifestyle will always lead to a longer and younger life. Shona Ferguson is often mistaken for a man nearing his 40s, but he is just a year closer to the big 50. The one take away you can get from him is to stay away from alcohol.

What is your take on the matter? Did you know that Shona Ferguson was this old? Do you think you can quit alcohol to look like him at 49?

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