Chief Sneaks Into a Man's House When he Was Away, Took His Wife Into Hiding Then Slept With Her

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Dominic Korir, a young man in Kericho county has expressed his disappointments regarding the chief's bad behavior. According to Dominic, Kennedy Korir, the senior chief in Kimasian Location, Kedowa, Kericho county forcefully slept with his wife after threatening her.

The chief who is currently detained at the police custody forcefully slept with a girl aged 19 years old after threatening her with her life, when the locals knew about this, they angrily raided the chief's home thirsting for his blood, but luckily, the cops intervened and saved him from the irate mob. After the act, the 19-year-old girl was taken to London district hospital for a medical checkup.

Dominic says that the chief has been sending his wife random love messages and also sent her some cash in her mobile phone. The lastest message inquired if the girl was alone in the house or she was in the company of her husband. The chief started sending her messages on Sunday and went ahead to call her, however, the girl declined his calls, this prompted him to visit her home on Monday when the man was away.

On Tuesday, when Dominic had gone for his daily hustles, the chief stormed the house and took the young girl to the farm, he then hid in a bush, removed her clothes, and forcefully slept with her.

Despite Doing the sinful acts, the Chief is said to be a close neighbor to Dominic and comes in anytime he wants. The victim's family now wants action to be taken, it was also discovered that he is used to engaging in the act with different women in the area after threatening them.

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