Recent Poll Shows Ruto and Raila Votes Per Region

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In a Tuesday July 5 opinion results released by the Intel Research Solutions (IRS), Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto would have an upperhand if elections were conducted today.

The poll gave William Ruto a 49.9 percent lead which was a drop in popularity compared to a June 29 poll.

Azimio-One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga maintained his score at 42.5 percent.

Roots Party of Kenya presidential candidate George Wajackoyah climbed to 2.8 percent with the increase in popularity resulting to Ruto's fall in numbers. Agano Party candidate David Mwaure finished last with 1.1 percent popularity.

In a detailed region by region analysis Ruto continues to lead in the two most in-demand regions, Western and Central Kenya. He further maintains a lead in all the Rift Valley regions.

Raila Odinga has more popularity in the Coastal, Nairobi, Central Nyanza and South Eastern Kenya.

Coastal Region: William Ruto 41 percent, Raila Odinga; 50.2 percent

Northern Kenya: William Ruto 47.4 percent, Raila Odinga 45.5 percent

Mt Kenya East: William Ruto 73.1 percent, Raila Odinga 18.4 percent

Mt Kenya West: William Ruto 66.6, Raila Odinga 24.8 percent

Mt Kenya Diaspora: William Ruto 61.5 percent, Raila Odinga 30.3 percent

Nairobi: Ruto trails in Kenya's capital Nairobi with 38.1 percent while Raila takes the lead with 53.7 percent.

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