Do You Remember “Mona Mobl3”? Checkout His Recent Photos That Has Caused Massive Stir Online- Photos


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The recent looks of the popularly known social media celebrity who was known to have mental issues and sparked the internet with his “Mona mobl3” term which unexpectedly became popular amongst Ghanaians has caused massive reactions online.

According to recent reports by Kofi Adoma who happened to meet the family and friends of Kofi Ampofo a.k.a “Mona Mobl3” has revealed that, the parents of Kofi Ampofo agreed for their son to undergo rehabilitation after running mad due to the excess use of drugs and other additives over the past couple of years.

Below is a look at a photo during which “Mona Mobl3” was on his way to the rehabilitation center for further treatment.

However, after undergoing few days of treatment, reports have revealed that “Mona Mobl3” is recovering which later led to the staff to finally cut his hair.

Upon recent photos of “Mona Mobl3” popped up online, most Ghanaians were surprised as to how Kofi Ampofo a.k.a “Mona Mobl3” has unexpectedly changed as his hairstyle had become part of his brand.

On the other hand, most people couldn’t recognize him after shaving his hair.

Below is a look at some recent photos of “Mona Mobl3” that has sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms.

From the above photos, we can clearly notice that “Mona Mobl3” had really transformed when it came to his looks and appearance.

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