Use This Herb to Fight Coccidiosis in Chicken, Prevent Heart Diseases and Other Ailments in Human


Blackjack is a very stubborn weed in most of our gardens yes, but yet only very few people know of the treasures hidden inside this herb. Destroying any blackjack weed you come across may be the other easier thing, but if you happen to understand some of its medicinal properties, you may first think of harvesting some of its parts before weeding it out.

In this article, I will elaborate to you how you can use this weed to beat various diseases in chicken as well as human beings. Either, I will explain on the health benefits this herb can have to our bodies.

We'll see how beneficial blackjack can be to our poultry keeping back at home. Upon reading through, kindly consider sharing this article to your colleagues and friends so that they can also benefit. Don't also forget to follow this channel for more fundamental knowledge on herbs.

To begin with, coccidiosis is a notorious parasitic ailment in chicken and it's the number one killer disease in young chickens. It's a very deadly disease that can easily spread from chicken to chicken through contact with infected fecal material or ingestion of infected tissue. Bloody diarrhea is the main primary symptom of coccidiosis. Otherwise, weight loss, ruffled feathers, unwillingness to eat and depression are other key symptoms.

On how we can beat or prevent coccidiosis using our herbal remedy (blackjack), it's very simple. Get to the field or garden where blackjack has inhabited, cut a handful or more of the upper soft fresh parts (leaves, soft stems and flower buds) of the herb, tie the cut plant parts in groups using a strong string and finally hang them at different points in the poultry house from where the birds can easily access.

You'll get to realize that broilers, layers and chicken in general actually love blackjack. The birds will repeatedly feed on the herb at their own pleasure. As an option, you can either choose to place the plant extracts on a clean floor and the birds will restlessly feed on the soft stems, flower buds and leaves.

That's not enough for blackjack on your chicken anyway. This herb also contains very essential vitamins and minerals that can be very helpful in the bodies of the birds. Blackjack is also good in elevating weight gain in chicken. So birds can easily attain the recommended market weight. Either, blackjack satisfactorily improves the feed conversion ratio in their bodies.

Since the values of blackjack do not apply to chickens only, let's now have a look at it's medicinal properties and health benefits to human beings.

To start with, get to know that it's for centuries and centuries blackjack has been used as a herbal medicine by many ethnic communities to cure different ailments in humans. So it's not a herb that is new in the list of natural health powerhouses.

Get to understand that, the leaves, roots and even flower buds of blackjack are known to possess antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antidysenteric and antimalarial properties. These properties make the extracts from blackjack very important remedies for treatment and prevention of various ailments.

Conditions such as jaundice, sore throat, cuts and swellings, headaches, high blood pressure (hypertension), foot and mouth disease, diabetes, hepatitis, hemorrhoids, internal and external inflammations, laryngitis and menstrual disorders can be brought to rest by blackjack extracts.

You can use the herb as a gargle for mouth blisters. Either, the antiseptic properties make blackjack extracts a very good natural mouthwash that combats odors causing germs and even sore gums.

You can make and take blackjack herbal tea as an effective remedy for treatment for worms and flatulence.

Joint discomforts, cold and flu, and especially stomach ailments, can be treated by herbal tea made from blackjack.

What do if you have a fresh wound; just take blackjack leaves, crush them to extract sap which you'll apply around the affected area to speed up its clotting. If the sap doesn't come out significantly, youJoint discomforts, cold and flu, and especially stomach ailments, can be treated by herbal tea made from blackjack. can simply crush the leaves and add some little water to dissolve the sap - or simply crush the leaves well then gently rub them all around the fresh wound. Thank me later.