Meet An African Young Boy Who Invented A Phone That Does Not Need A SIM Card Or Airtime: Find Out


Read below to see how he went about it.

A new wave of innovators will change the way things are done. Young people continue to amaze us with new technologies that have the potential to save many lives. It's important to remember that none of this is possible without knowledge.

Simon Petrus, a young Namibian teenager, stunned everyone when he invented the phone that does not need a SIM card or airtime to operate, allowing people to contact their loved ones for free.

Simon claims that he learned and implemented basic physics to his ideas. He did some testing and came up with the phone as a result.

His phone works by transmitting electromagnetic waves. It works in a similar way to how radio does. Radio Frequency Phone Invention was the name of his project.

Since winning a project exhibition, his invention got a lot of attention. His abilities astounded everyone. He was awarded a scholarship to further his engineering education at a more prestigious university. He's now working on another huge project.

What can you tell the boy as we wait for another huge projects from him?

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