Some Of The Issues Affecting Kenyans Which DP Ruto Has Addressed Through His Manifesto

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At such a time when many Kenyans are faced with a hard life owing to rising of basic commodities over the recent, now the nights of sorrows seems to vanish just about 38 days to August 9 elections.

As a way of making known his plans to Kenyans if elected as the fifth president of the republic of Kenya, DP Ruto has addressed some of the major challenges facing Kenyans through his manifesto thus there's hope for Kenyans if he wins August 9 polls.

Launching his manifesto in Uhuru park, DP Ruto has promised to harness economy in order to solve the problems faced by common mwananchi. This he will do by working on the following sectors.

1. Agriculture - Bearing in mind that agriculture is the backbone of our economy, DP Ruto has promised to work on this sector by lowering the cost of fertilizers and other farm inputs. This will also increase food production thus fighting hunger which largely affects many people.

2. Cost of housing- DP Ruto has promised to anchor construction of low cost housing in order to respond to high rate of urbanization. This will ensure that Kenyans spend less on rent and channel the other money to basic needs.

Above are some of the promises which DP Ruto has made to Kenyans through the ongoing manifesto launch.

Source: Radio Maisha broadcast from Uhuru Park

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