Alan Kyeremanteng Has Begun His Underground Works And It Is ‘Fire’

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Gestures from the minister for trade in some ongoing visits around the country is seen to be capable of winning him some hearts. Alan Kyeremanteng has been eyeing the presidency for sometime now and he seems focused on nothing aside making it work.

He has been seen in various gatherings and has committed himself to ensuring that people around him are feeling loved and secured. Most of his gestures have been termed political and not natural as many people would perceive.

But this is also a sarcastic comment from people because he is a politician and these are the hurdles in their journeys to the top. Bawumiah on the other hand is not being lose and is seen wrestling his colleagues with some incredible plans which seeks to gain him the popularity and face he needs for the coming elections.

Alan Kyeremanteng was seen in a very sociable mood during his visit to the Parliament House and had people from both sides of ndv and Npp party cheering him on.

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