David of Date Rush Smoothly Avoids Bella's "Massive Body Count"


Bella and Fatima have officially become "Grandmothers" on the Date Rush program because they have been on the show for so long many new ladies have come and even still got dates and left them behind.

For Fatima it can be perceived that she is riding on the fame she garnered from the show to keep making an appearance because in her recent episode she simply rejected a handsome guy simply because she found him boring.

For Bella, you can see that she is actively trying to get the men that appear on the show, especially the good-looking ones. However, time and time again, the gentlemen look past her to choose someone else. Even in this week's episode, the guy (David) went to the extent of putting on a lady who had turned of her rush and then switched Bella's rush off.

Many Ghanaians were trying to draw conclusions why Bella was rejected by David. Ghanaians noted that this week, Bella was of good behavior and didn't bring any controversy on stage. Therefore, fans were totally surprised when she was still rejected.

However, Ghanaians are pointing towards the unsavory lifestyle Bella herself revealed. In an interview, she reveals her "massive body count" (the number of men she has had bedroom encounters with).

One user comments that "Your 'kpeku' that has taken 30 different 'gbola' and you want me to come and spend my money on you?"

It is thus highly possible that David also had this level of thinking as he chose to even turn on someone whose rush was off.

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