Kumasi: Two Gay Couples Have Been Disciplined By An Angry Mob



Gay couple were caught in Kumasi doing the unthinkable. It happened to be a male of about 40years and another male of about 30years who were involved in an act that should have been done with two people of opposite sex. 

The said men were Bruce Boateng and Clement Addo who were caught by an angry mob after they noticed some unusual activity between them in their own room. The said mob disrespected the privacy of these two self-acclaimed lovers and broke into their room with canes and belts.

According to a witness’s report, the angry mob matched the two men to the center of the compound and asked them to do several terrible tasks as they wiped them with the canes and leather belts.

This was how everything happened, Clement Addo who is a tenant in the house usually receives visits from this 40-years old man every Saturday night. The man is said to take his leave very early in the morning but that is not really the case for his punishment by the mob.

Per the reports from the tenants in the house, every evening that Bruce comes to spend the night with Clement in his room, they notice unusual sounds which are related to a sexual event and also notice some seductive talks from both of them such as “Fuck my ass baby” throughout the night.

The tenants didn’t take this issue lightly and they had already planned to give the ‘couple’ a beating of their life. On 10th April, thus Saturday, they had bought several canes and had also soaked some leather belts in salt water awaiting for the disgusting thing to be done in their house.

Bruce visited Clement as usual but this time very early and they were in the room for a while. Around 5pm that evening, these men or gays started to carryout their acts and as their voices grew louder, the mob couldn’t take it anymore, so they broke into their room and dragged them out naked but later gave them shorts to wear before they executed commands and punishments.

A Large crowd assembled there as they whiped them claiming these people are bringing curse to the house and they are even the reason for low patronizes with respect to their various occupation. After about 2hours, Clement was allowed to go and sleep as they sacked Bruce out of the house.

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