Dloz lam: Sis Thembi speaks on bringing ocean water home

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Dlozlami is a show about spirituality, people invite Thembi into their homes so she connects with their deceased family members or simple ancestors. According to most people's beliefs the members of our families who have passed don't die but look over us. They are alive just in another realm. However it isn't easy to see them or access them with the physical eye. This is where people like sis Thembi come in as they can communicate with the dead.

However belief is an individual person's choice, nothing should be imposed on people. In the latest episode sis Thembi took the family to the ocean as they needed to save their father. Probably this may not make sense to most people because he's already deceased, however when we bury people on earth, they're being born in the spiritual world. This is why it is important to go visit them at their graves.

However most people were puzzled by sis Thembi when she said people shouldn't bring ocean water into their homes. Most people go to the ocean and come back with the water for many reasons but mainly people want to cleanse themselves. In her explanatory she said when you bring that water home you are bringing other people's problems to your home.

She could be correct as most people go to the beach to cleanse themselves. Some are washed by traditional healers and they leave everything at the beach. Imagine then bringing water that someone else used to cleanse themselves. Probably the arguments lay with the ocean cleaning itself so probably the water is also clean right.

This is the very same reasons why we wash the bathtub before bathing in it , and the reason why you won't share the same bathing towel with another person. If you want to cleanse yourself then go to the ocean and leave everything there, if it's the house you want to cleanse then take something from the house and wash it there. It's much more reasonable bringing the stones and filling them with clean water than bringing the water home.


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