The Turn-On prank on tik tok gaining massive trend. Man turns on wife and walks away. (Watch Video)


The internet and social media has really brought about a lot of trend that people follow mostly for the fun part of it. A recent trend on tik tok is the turn on prank and it is really messed up.

Now on social media, this generation of ours especially the youths mostly live for the various challenges and pranks trends that will pop up on the various social media like tik tok, instagram and twitter that will help us trend and be famous for a while and whether it is good or bad, moral or indecent, we mostly don't care.

In a particular prank that is trending on tik tok that people especially married couples are jumping on called to the turn on prank, a man sneaks up behind on his partner wife or girlfriend, fondle her while kissing her and when she is finally turned on, he lifts her unto the counter and walks away.

Click on the link below to watch a video on this prank and share your thoughts in.the comments section.

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