Check the African Continent Corona Virus Statistics. Africa is strategizing to deal with the Covid19


The Corona Virus pandemic is still accelerating and its economic and other effects will be failed for decades to come.

Here in Africa cases reached More than 320 000 on the 24th of june according to centres for diseases control and prevention. The death toll in the continent has risen to 8 621, whereas 156 386 patients have recovered.

The acceleration in South Africa is a concern. The continent has 54 countries. South Africa is further along in covid19 cases, followed by Egypt then Nigeria in third place.


Confirmed cases : 324 559

The top three countries with a huge number of Corona Virus cases.

1. South Africa 🇿🇦

Cases = 106 108

Deaths = 2 101

Recovered = 55 045

2. Egypt 🇪🇬

Cases = 58 141

Deaths = 362

Recovered = 40 136

3. Nigeria 🇳🇬

Cases = 21 371

Deaths = 533

Recovered = 7 338

More than 320 000 confirmed cases across the continent, of which 106 108 are from South Africa alone, that is almost the third of the total cases in the continent.

The continent and the countries across the continent are working together to try and solve this problem as a collective, whether by requiring PPEs and resources such as ventilators, premises etc.

Compliance to stop the corona virus is an issue in the continent. The continent need to make sure to implement this measures as an ability to dictate this cases and implement the preventive measures the communities is suppose to be observing,in a very sustain manner.