What It Means When You Always Cry While Cutting Onions

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Have you ever wondered why you cry every time you cut an onion? The reason for this will be revealed in this article. Onions are a common type of vegetable that is mostly used in cooking. It can be used in a variety of dishes, including stews, soups, beans porridge, rice, egg sauce, and many others.

Many people, including you, cannot cook a meal without including onions. However, when you consider the fact that it will cause you to shed unnecessary tears, you will become discouraged and begin to consider other options. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for onions, which make your food more delicious and healthy.

The explanation for why onions make you cry.

Onions are a type of underground food product. And as they grow, they absorb a lot of sulfur, a toxic substance found in the soil. Onions also contain a unique and rare enzyme that is not found anywhere else.

The sulfurous molecules and enzymes are still present in the onions and are living separately. However, the first chop or slice causes the sulfur and enzymes to combine, resulting in the formation of sulfuric acid. This acid quickly evaporates into a gas, which enters your eyes and causes excessive tears.

The real reason your eyes should be welling up.

The truth is that your eyes begin to shed tears in order to protect your eyes from the dangerous sulfuric acid. Crying is a type of reflex action that occurs during the onion-cutting process. And it can't be avoided unless you wear eyeglasses or protective gear, which most people do these days. The more you cry, the more the sulfuric acid is pushed away from your eyes by your tears.

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