The house below is stunning, simple and small. It will leave you amazed

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This young man who is a member of the house building's inspiring Facebook page (Limpopo Houses) had posted that he is not there yet but he is almost.

It is a great thing to see that people are making good things out of the little that they get. Some people take loans to build houses, some save while some borrow money from family members to get to build a home.

It is clear from the picture that this person is from the villages. This serves as a motivation to others. It is possible to achieve whatever you want in life, only if you put your mind to it. This house consists of a single garage as you can see, the most important thing is three bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen, and lounge.

That is the most basic and more that you could need in a house.

Congratulations went down pouring for him from other members in the group.

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