Ukiwachwa Achika, They Will Miss You later, Benjamin Zulu Advises

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Benjamin advised the public, that you should move on if your partner no longer needs you in his or her life, instead of holding to what is not there because they will one day miss you.

''Go your way, they will miss you later. They will miss you when they cannot be treated the way you used to treat them.

They will miss you when they yearn for the invigorating conversations you used to have,when they cannot get the hearty support you used to give them and instead get excuses and rhetorical lies.

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You used to make them feel special but now they're taken for granted and treated with disdain, they will miss you when they are cheated on like they cheated on you.

When they get discarded and forgotten like they did to you. They will miss you when you are already out of sight. Go your way for they will miss you later, but you will not be missing anything yourself.''

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