Koome Proves How She Is An Iron Lady By Making Unconditional Demands To Uhuru Moments After Swearing


Lady Justice Martha Koome has today been sworn as the first lady Chief Judtice. William Ouko was also sworn after being appointed to serve in the Supreme Court. In her maiden speech Koome has said that the Executive has a responsibility to ensure budgetary allocations to the Judiciary in order to facilitate adequate justice dispensation.The new Chief Justice has also urged the Executive to accord the Judiciary the necessary support by obeying court orders.

She also urged the Executive to accord the Judiciary the necessary support by obeying court orders. She stated that the independence of the Judiciary should never be compromised and interfered. The iron lady has said that all parties that will try to direct the Judiciary on how to be run will be interfering with the constitution of Kenya. Chief Justice, Martha Koome has also urged the Executive to unconditionally support the Judiciary.

She claimed that during her tenure in office she will make sure that all the three arms function effectively without being interfered. Chief Justice Martha Koome stated that she will create a conducive environment where all clients seeking court help will be treated with dignity and fairness. She added that this will bring development in the country. She also told that all staff members working in the Judiciary should fight for justice and make ensure accountability is achieved. Koome said that justice belongs to all Kenyans regardless of their race, gender or creed. The constitutional mandate must be played to ensure good deliverance, she said. She told Kenyans to embrace all other avenues in resolving their conflicts rather than relying on litigation only.

Chief Justice Koome also told Kenyans that led Kenyans learn some lessons from her and Ouko where they competed for their positions with grace and some dignity. She claimed that Ouko was her classmate and also her boss as the president of the Court of Appeal. The two kept on encouraging and always cheering each other. She said that their good friendship is a lesson that politicians must learn. Deputy Chief Justice, Mwilu appreciated her speech.

The interim chairlady of the JSC, Professor Olive Mugenda said that she has no doubt that they made the right choice for the Judiciary and to all Kenyans. Mugenda promised to work with Koome to have successful implementation of strategic plans for the Judiciary. She also lauded the leadership of DCJ Mwilu, where she played a critical role to ensure there was no leadership vacuum since the exit of Justice David Maraga

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